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Minnie and Mary Sleeping in Stockings

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Minnie and Mary wake to the sound of the alarm clock and when they throw off the covers you see they are wearing stockings, garter belts, panties and bras. Seeing the girls in bed together in their lingerie is very sexy but when they get girlie and giggly bouncing on the bed, it gets very hot. They talk about sleeping in their bras and lingerie then they kiss and cuddle and grope each other. You will enjoy the panty scenes and Minnie licking Mary's shapely bottom and panties. The girls get into serious oral sex, and Mary goes to town on Minnie with a vibrator through her sexy bikini panties until she cums. They kiss passionately again, and then realize they are running late to meet some boys and run to the bathroom, still in their stockings to get ready for the lucky guys.

  • Runtime:
  • 10:05
  • Date Added:
  • 09/29/2024

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